what little blue dress?

So I chickened out.

It was really really short. Ok, I knew that already. But for some reason, I couldn’t get myself to wear it.

But the weight has stayed off, one week after the meal plan. I have not re-introduced sugar into my diet and I still try and avoid carbs when I can. Now that I’ve realised that I can live off the energy of two portions a week!

Meanwhile, I have discovered that walking in the morning is awesome! I get to have ‘me’ time and boost of energy for the day while singing out loud to music from my Ipod and smiling at strangers. Glorious! I totalled 12kms last week -3 kms four times. Partying a little much made me miss a couple of sessions.

And now it’s not about the blue dress anymore. I’ve adopted a new healthier way of life. And I’m loving it.

But I’ll be sure to let you know when I get to wear the little blue dress.

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