a step closer…to a little blue dress

First things first. I need a pat on the back.

Thank you very much.

Yes, I made it through seven days! The power of fashion? Maybe. But I’d like to think of myself as an individual of more depth than that. So I’ll hand it to the power of commitment. Especially commitment to self.

I had absolutely no alcohol
I drank ten to twelve glasses of water daily
I had absolutely no sugar
Black tea/coffee – I usually don’t take milk so I didn’t miss a thing. However, I included herbal tea – twice I cheated with honey and three times I cheated by having black ‘Milo’ rather than coffee or tea

Day 1.
Fruits only except bananas with special emphasis on melons

(This was a very simple day cause I was just starting and I had a lot of resolve at the time. The sugar also helped)

Day 2.
Vegetables only (raw or cooked)

(This was an alright day as well. But I cheated again, this time with four slices of avocado in my salad. I really couldn’t ask the waitress at Divino to take them out now could I. I had already been fussy enough about the salad and single potato)

Day 3.
Fruits and vegetables

(OMG, I think I’ll die. On this day, I got really hungry and felt faint occasionally. I think my body had never been off carbs for sooo long. For a minute I thought I’d pass out and I had a spoonful of honey to keep me standing….Oh, and for a little TMI, on this day my body flushed out anything it had lurking in its digestive system.)

Day 4.
Bananas (up to eight) and milk (up to three glasses)

(Easiest day ever! I can’t believe bananas can give you such ‘speedy gonzales’ energy and I was so full. I managed only six bananas and two glasses of milk. My system continued to clean up while my can of air freshener begun to empty. I know. I know. TMI but just in case you want to do this, you ought to be prepared.)

Day 5.
Beef  (two portions) and six tomatoes

(Houston we have a problem. I normally don’t eat beef – for health reasons. But I thought WTH, I need to stick with the diet. I had four tomatoes and mince beef. I walked around with the lunchbox biting all day and I still couldn’t finish it. I was stuffed. My energy levels dipped though. I think it was a banana crush. )

Day 6.
Vegetables and beef are consumed in unlimited quantities

(This was Saturday and I was scared I wouldn’t go through the weekend sticking to the diet so I kept busy at meetings and meeting a friend for some tea. I went home late afternoon and I enjoyed a lovely take away  burger – without the buns – and salad from Java. I was so stuffed, I could barely move. I dozed on the chair and I didn’t dare eat dinner. My stomach had shrunk already. Yay

Day 7.
Fruit juices, vegetables and brown rice

(Yay. Yay. Yay. Final day and I’m still alive. And I get to eat starch! Went to visit mum after church and she made me brown rice with some of those bitter vegetables that are heavenly delicious. And she had this proud look on her face so I didn’t even complain when she said that my ‘behind’ didn’t look like it was shrinking)

Early day 8 morning I couldn’t shower fast enough to stand naked on the weighing scale (I’m sure my navel ring affected the final reading) but I had lost 3 Kilos. In one week! Yay. And now for the reckoning, could I fit into my little blue dress? Only one thing held the key to that answer – another dress that was one size smaller. I tried it on and it fit. Yay once again.

I still haven’t worn the little blue dress. You see, from Monday I’ve been on another 7 day programme. But this time, it’s a 7 day work out programme. I take a brisk walk for thirty minutes every morning. And that’s been going great. Besides being full of energy all day, I have been extra productive at work. And I’ve listened to the music that I haven’t had in ages on my IPod.

The wedding is this coming Sunday. Keep it here to hear first hand whether I did indeed slip effortlessly into my little blue dress.

Three cheers to commitment!


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