on the road to a little blue dress

It’s amazing what a woman will do to look stunning in a dress.

I bought this amazing little blue dress in Johannesburg in February.  Blue is not my favourite colour. I only appreciate it on denim. But my friend Angie convinced me to try it on. I looked stunning in it in the dressing room (modestly said of course) but since then, I have put on weight due to my lack of going to the gym and my digging into bucketfuls of Maltesers.

So I have never worn the dress. But I intend to wear it on Sunday 31st May 2009 at a friend’s wedding.  What was I to do?

My colleague convinced me to go on a seven day diet. I have never been on a diet before. The most I’ve done is a five day detox programme (doctor’s orders). In fact my friends know only too well my love for good food, and my hatred for anything restricting. I love my freedom and the opportunities to choose.

But I am determined to prove that I can go through seven days of a meal plan (I’d only do it if I could call it that and not a diet) . I’m actually on day 6 as I write this and should be able to report on how it worked out. But for now, below is the road that I decided to take on my journey to the little blue dress.

The meal plan is one that was developed for General Motors employees in order to enhance healthy living. An abridged version of my seven day meal plan:

No alcohol
Ten glasses of water a day
No sugar
Black tea/coffee

Day 1.
Fruits only except bananas with special emphasis on melons

Day 2.
Vegetables only (raw or cooked)

Day 3.
Fruits and vegetables

Day 4.
Bananas (up to eight) and milk (up to three glasses)

Day 5.
Beef  (two portions) and six tomatoes

Day 6.
Vegetables and beef are consumed in unlimited quantities

Day 7.
Fruit juices, vegetables and brown rice

I’ll be back to let you all know how I did. Need to take out the little blue dress and have it washed and ironed in readiness.

The joy of fashion.


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