anybody out there

After my disappointment with Lipstick Jungle, I looked through my library for the books I still hadn’t read and saw the Marian Keyes I had recently bought calling out to me. I thought, ‘she’s a light read, funny and usually a good story teller’ so I took the title ‘Anybody Out There’ to bed with me a couple of nights.

Good story, good plot. ‘Anybody Out There’ takes you in and you think that you may be able to predict what will happen then halfway through it you get  surprised by a twist in the plot that’s highly unlikely.

The book reminds me of a warm, slice of life, independent film production that keeps it real while at the same time telling a story with a lesson to learn. Life does go on. No matter how down you get, our souls have the ability to restore, to heal and smile once again. And the best thing about a relationship is the memories that you create together – that can never be taken away from you.

A lovely book with moments of laughter as expected of Marian Keyes and some moments of pure sadness. If I were the crying type, I probably would have drenched my pillow.


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