Date visited – every week for lunch, work very close by.

Location – Lenana Road, Nairobi

Type – Japanese Restaurant

Decor – There isn’t really much to say about the decor at Misono. I suppose you could say its very authentically Japanese…there isn’t any doubt it’s Japanese. However, I feel that it’s time for an upgrade as the ‘charm’ is beginning to wear off. The sitting area outside is lovely though and there isn’t nothing better than enjoying some warm sunshine under their pretty trees. Strange is that I’ve never been there for dinner but would hate to think how seedy it looks especially with the lit electric tree thingie they have outside.

Food – Excellent! The best Terriyaki ever! And not to mention the best Prawn Tempura ever ever ever! I have never once been disappointed by the food at Misono. Even the Sushi is hands down the best I’ve had in Nairobi.

Service/Hospitality – The slowest service this side of the Sahara (ok, I’m exaggerating) but seriously, twice I’ve had to make it look like I was leaving and they handed me the bill while I was getting into my car to drive back to the office. That is the only trick that will get you the bill in under five hours!

More soon…

3 stars it is – service is a major and integral part of the experience.


1 star – Eeewwww!
2 stars – consider another business, basket weaving maybe…
3 stars – alright, I probably tipped the change in my wallet
4 stars – you delivered and I tipped willingly and generously
5 stars – are you kidding me, you rock, will be back!
6 stars – it’ll be hard to keep me away


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