manyatta camp at voi wildlife lodge


The rooms overlooking the National Park

The rooms overlooking the National Park



Date visited: December 2008


Location: Voi/ Tsavo National Park


Drive: Slightly off between Nairobi and Mtito Andei  but great road thereafter. Beware the hungry traffic cops on Mombasa Road. The speed limit is 100Kph.

Hospitality: Very friendly, warm staff and professional staff – special big ups to the waiter at the Manyatta Dining area


Food: Was alright when warm, the desserts good and the red wine drinkable


Rooms: Amazing, amazing, amazing…comfortable bed…private pool was divine (but sooo cold ouch) ….excellent rustic/African theme. Overall very impressive!


Views: A must see, must visit. View of the river at dinner is breath taking. View coming into Manyatta Camp is great – the camp has in no way interfered with its natural surroundings. View of the park is magical – the animals are literally at arm’s length!


Game Drives: What game? Elephants were right outside my tent…didn’t bother?


Rating: Five stars (just up the food and we’ll be home dry)




1 star – Eeewwww!

2 stars – consider another business, basket weaving maybe…

3 stars – alright, I probably tipped the change in my wallet

4 stars – you delivered and I tipped willingly and generously

5 stars – are you kidding me, you rock, will be back!

6 stars – it’ll be hard to keep me away.



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